About us

Todays Band:

The full title of the band in existence today is "Appleby-in-Westmorland Town Band", often shortened to Appleby Town Band.  

Our members range from 10 to 80+ (we have an up to date "Child Protection Policy"), and most play instruments belonging to the band.  
These were originally purchased by public subscription when the band was formed.  

We are regularly invited to perform at various events throughout the Eden Valley and any funds raised are used to maintain the instruments, buy new ones and add to our collection of music. 

Our musicians are also provided with a Maroon Fleece Jacket, a Maroon Tie and a Waistcoat.

There is documentary evidence for the existence of a brass band in Appleby as far back as 1855 and in 1858 Appleby Brass Band led the St Peters Day Rushbearing parade at Warcop. 

The Westmorland Gazette, on  the 19th of July 1890, reported under the heading Appleby Brass Band - "This newly re-organised band played a choice selection of music in the Main Street of Appleby on Wednesday Evening, under the leadership of J.H.Parkin".

A poster from 1905 for the North West Agricultural Societies 15th Annual show indicated that "The Appleby Prize Band" will be in attendance. 

Other references to Appleby Silver Prize Band have been found and the history from this period onwards is currently being researched.